NFL Reporter Takes a Football to the Face

War correspondents aren’t the only ones who put themselves in the line of fire to bring news to people, as Fox NFL sideline reporter Pam Oliver learned the hard way on Sunday night. Oliver was in her usual post next to the field before Fox’s broadcast of the Colts-Giants pre-season game when an

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Ping-Pong Player’s Behind-the-Back Shot Is So Baller

Now this is what we call ping-pong for grown-ups. It comes from the Kuwait Open tournament, where Quentin Robinot of France hits a behind-the-back-shot that completely flummoxes Belarus’ Kiryl Barabanov. The YouTube clip above became a viral hit on sports media sites on Wednesday and it’s easy

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‘Jeremy Lin That I Used to Know’ Parody Laments Star’s Departure

We know, we know – you’re sick of ‘Somebody That I Used to Know’ parodies by now. But trust us – this one is different. Coming from The NOC, a sports and entertainment YouTube channel, an emotive hipster dude gets melancholy and poetic over New York Knicks’ guard and breakout social media star

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