7 Surprising Myths Christians Still Believe About Sex

‘If I remain pure before marriage then the sex will be better’ and other lies Christians believe about sex. By Frank Powell Things arent always as they seem. Take Prince Hans in the movie Frozen, for example. That fool pretends to be a charming, stand-up guy. And when Anna needs him most, Prince

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Murder, Cheat, And Fuck Your Way Through Boston

This feature requires JavaScript to function. Its a Thursday morning, and youre sitting around with nothing to do. You had a job, but it exploded, so now youre stuck here in your boring house. Suddenly, your phone rings. Answer the phone. Ignore the phone and go outside to look at parts

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Caipirinha-Flavored Condoms Are Selling Out In Brazil

The caipirinha – made with sugar cane liquor, sugar, and lime – is the national cocktail of Brazil. 1. Soccer players aren’t the only ones scoring during the World Cup in Brazil. View this image ‘ Via useprudence.com.br Prudence Caipirinha-Flavored Condoms, the unofficial condom of the

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