Bandaranayake college sports meet 2014 Cadet Platoont

Bandaranayake college Gampaha .

annual sports meet 2014

Video by Umesh Rithz.

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Andrea Mitchell is stuck on atrain!/mitchellreports/status/216330163200335872

@ktumulty no power!! Oh no I was stuck on acela in baltimore, tree down on track now in cab#hatesummerstorms

– Andrea Mitchell (@mitchellreports) June 23, 2012

@dougkammerer no pix but sbound acela from ny stopped baltimore tree down on tracks

– Andrea Mitchell (@mitchellreports) June 23, 2012

This has been a rough week for Andrea Mitchell of NBC News. First, she got caught deceptively editing a videoin order to make Mitt Romney look like a moron. Then she chose not to apologize for what she had done – a poor decisionthat rightfully earned her the scorn of conservatives.

All she wants to do, we imagine, is get back to her home in Washington D.C., relax with her husband, and not spend another moment thinking about Wawa.

But she can’t because she’s stuck on an Acela in Baltimore, thanks to a tree that fell on the tracks. Or so she claims:

@mitchellreports Is that true, or are you making it up, ala video editing?

– Sportsyackontap (@sportsyack) June 23, 2012

Karma, anyone?


@mitchellreports @dougkammerer Hey #AndreaMitchell A tree fell on the tracks blocking your train! Was it by any chance a #WaWa tree? #MSNBC

– Senor 619 (@Senor_619) June 23, 2012

Hey @mitchellreports, is the train you’re stuck on similar to the one you used to run over Romney? #Hackarma

– Wes (@FTWes) June 23, 2012

I can’t tell if Andrea Mitchell really was stuck on a train in Baltimore today, or if she just made it all up. I know how she enjoys that.

– Michael J. Lambert (@rackoflambert) June 23, 2012

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Community Post: 21 Reasons Why Studying Abroad In Japan Is The Best

1. You land in Japan and Immediately you are bombarded with more cuteness than you can handle

Hello Kitty is legitimately everywhere.

2. Nothing makes sense, and that doesn’t bother you

Seriously, nothing makes sense at all.

3. Riding trains everywhere

They are both fast and on time. Take that, Amtrak

4. Your rail pass is practically a work of art

And you thought your Eurail pass was cool

5. Onsens

Hold on, I’m just taking a bath with strangers in hot spring water.

6. When you call home, you are calling the past

You: Last night was great.

Them: Oh, awesome, I’m heading out now.

7. Kaiten Sushi

Also known as the optimal way to receive sushi

8. Speaking of which, Japanese food is awesome

9. You rarely get mistaken for being a local

10. You can appreciate all the things you liked as a child without seeming that childish

11. You have all kinds of new sports to care about

New goal: become Yokozuna

12. Shrines, temples and gardens are lovely places and you will know how to differentiate between them

13. Karaoke is a nearly nightly activity

14. Taiko Drum Master

and Game Centers in general

15. Going on field trips means going here

You might even end up here

16. This is not all that strange

17. Language classes double as art classes

18. You head to school each morning alongside these precious youngsters

19. You will see commercials featuring American celebrities

20. The world seems so efficient

21. Lost in Translation becomes your actual life

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Community Post: Baby Elephant Makes Friends With Birds And Other Links

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How Facebook Could Save Nokia


On Tuesday, Nokia chief Stephen Elop fielded questions from irate shareholders at his company’s annual meeting in Helsinki. When, they wanted to know, would he do something about Apple and Samsung? In London next week, Nokia will announce its new high-end flagship product, whatever it is.

But Elop’s launch of the Nokia’s new Asha 501 in India this morning is worth watching more than the ailing manufacturer’s battle at the top end of the market. At a recommended price of $99 (before taxes) and near-enough full smartphone functionality, this is Nokia’s big push to capture the growing market for cheap smart devices. Elop wants to sell 100 million of them over the next few years. By way of comparison, that’s one in seven of every smartphones sold last year.

The Asha 501 is a dual-sim 2G phone that takes its design cues from the higher-end Lumia range, looks solid enough to withstand third-world conditions, and promises up to 26 days of standby time (48 days on the single-sim version). It has its own app store with billing through operators, easy compatibility with older Asha phone apps, and lots of incentives for developers to create stuff for the new Nokia Asha operating system this phone introduces.

Oh, and it comes with free data for Facebook if consumers use one of the wireless carriers that have agreed to that. Vaughan Smith, Facebook’s head of mobile partnerships, told the gathered press that five billion people still don’t use the internet. How can we help those people get online faster so they can lead a richer life? he asked. His answer: Facebook.

This is not the first time Facebook has lured users with the promise of free data. We’ve written in the past about Facebook Zero, a free text-only service for people on old, un-smart phones. But this is the first time the perk has been bundled into a smart device, one that’s iPhone-like and has a touchscreen.

The developing world loves Facebook. Brazil and India are the social network’s largest markets after America. In the latter, it’s the most-visited website after Google. Nokia is betting people will buy its phones so they can get on Facebook even more easily (even if it is without faster 3G wireless).

P. Balaji, Nokia’s India head, told Quartz the company has gotten four operators-Airtel, MTN, Amricamvil and Telekomsel-to offer special deals for Asha 501 users, such as data discounts or free Facebook access. Between them the four have more than 800 million subscribers across Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Airtel, with 270 million subscribers, will roll out free wireless data usage for Facebook across the 20 countries in which it operates. The phones are sold unlocked, which means consumers can use them with any operator they want-but the free Facebook access or discounted data plans create incentives to use one of Nokia’s carrier partners.

While Facebook and the operators wouldn’t disclose who’s paying for the free data usage, Facebook in the past has gotten carriers to swallow that expense. The social network is the perfect gateway drug to the wider world of the internet, which the operators charge wireless data fees to access. And even at a couple of dollars a subscription, the growth of data services in India and Africa should keep carriers in fine fettle.

As for Facebook, it would be delighted if more of its users in poor countries used better phones. More people use Facebook in the developing world than in Europe and North America, but they contribute only one fifth of revenues. One reason is that they use low-end phones, which are lousy at displaying ads. They can’t, for instance, see the expensive video ads Facebook is about to roll out.

Image via Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images for Nokia

It’s a win-win-win, and while Facebook has a lot to gain, Nokia probably has the most to lose. It is appropriate then that Asha is a cornerstone of the company’s plan to revive its fortunes. In Hindi, Asha means hope.

This article originally published at Quartz


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6 Creative Ways To Use BuzzFeed Community

Did you know BuzzFeed Community can be used in a lot of different ways?

Our users have made posts about everything from marriage proposals to school rivalries.

Here are 6 awesome and creative things they have done!

Want to create your own? Sign up and start posting on BuzzFeed.

1. Instead of an under water proposal, BuzzFeed is a great way to propose.

BuzzFeeder, bmchugh0042 did it, and she said yes!

2. A BuzzFeed Birthday card is definitely an upgrade from an e-card.

BuzzFeeder Matt Saccaro made our Community Editor Cates a totally awesome birthday card.

3. And nothing will make your mom happier than a public acknowledgement.

4. Maybe you are looking for a creative way to ask someone to prom, but are fresh out of post it notes

5. Or you need a fresh platform for creating a cover letter

Erin got hired, and is the coolest.

6. Or you are ready to take your college rivalry to the next level

This BuzzFeeder really one upped Rhodes.

And remember, there is no limit to how creative you can get!

Start posting!

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Learn How to Win With Social Analytics


Each year the Mashable Media Summit sells out, and this year is no exception. With only three days left until the one-day conference, make sure to buy your tickets today.

The summit celebrates the biggest trends in media and technology, including monetization, drone journalism, native advertising and much more.

At this year’s Mashable Media Summit, Sachin Kamdar, CEO of, and Frank Speiser, founder of SocialFlow, will join Mashable‘s CTO Robyn Peterson onstage, to discuss how to successfully measure social analytics.

Held on Nov. 2 at the TimesCenter in New York City, the Mashable Media Summit is a one-day conference that will explore the latest innovations in the space and the future of journalism. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to network with high-level executives in many industries and mingle with Mashable staff. As in previous years, this event will sell out, so get your tickets now.

Eventbrite - Mashable Media Summit 2012

Other influential speakers joining the summit include Alexis Ohanian, co-founder of Reddit, Kay M. Matadi, head of entertainment at Facebook, Bonita Stewart, vice president of Americas Partner Business Solutions at Google, David Carey, president at Hearst Magazines, Joan Walsh, editor-at-large at Salon, and Tom Bedecarre, CEO of AKQA.

To view our full lineup of speakers and content sessions, check out the Mashable Media Summit agenda, and get your tickets now!

Image courtesy of iStockphoto, lutavia

Mashable Media Summit Information

Date: Friday, Nov. 2, 2012

Time: 10:00 a.m. 5:00 p.m.

Location: The TimesCenter, 242 West 41st Street, New York, NY 10036

Tickets: Purchase tickets on Eventbrite.

A Look Back at Last Year’s Mashable Media Summit