Community Post: 21 Reasons Why Studying Abroad In Japan Is The Best

1. You land in Japan and Immediately you are bombarded with more cuteness than you can handle

Hello Kitty is legitimately everywhere.

2. Nothing makes sense, and that doesn’t bother you

Seriously, nothing makes sense at all.

3. Riding trains everywhere

They are both fast and on time. Take that, Amtrak

4. Your rail pass is practically a work of art

And you thought your Eurail pass was cool

5. Onsens

Hold on, I’m just taking a bath with strangers in hot spring water.

6. When you call home, you are calling the past

You: Last night was great.

Them: Oh, awesome, I’m heading out now.

7. Kaiten Sushi

Also known as the optimal way to receive sushi

8. Speaking of which, Japanese food is awesome

9. You rarely get mistaken for being a local

10. You can appreciate all the things you liked as a child without seeming that childish

11. You have all kinds of new sports to care about

New goal: become Yokozuna

12. Shrines, temples and gardens are lovely places and you will know how to differentiate between them

13. Karaoke is a nearly nightly activity

14. Taiko Drum Master

and Game Centers in general

15. Going on field trips means going here

You might even end up here

16. This is not all that strange

17. Language classes double as art classes

18. You head to school each morning alongside these precious youngsters

19. You will see commercials featuring American celebrities

20. The world seems so efficient

21. Lost in Translation becomes your actual life

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