What A Guy’s NBA Team Says About The Type Of Boyfriend He’ll Be


Yours truly is the grateful type, always giving thanks to the good man from up above, but this week, there’sone thing in particular to be thankful for: the return of NBA basketball.

Now that the season has started, you can stop trying to act like you enjoy regular TVand watch these games. If you have a significant otherwho willwatch ’em with you, all the better. We can tell he’s a keeper.

On top ofthat though, there’s more we can assume about whom you spend your time with by theirbasketball-loving tendencies. Like most sports, the type of basketball team your guylikes says a lot about him. Here are the 30 things you can tell about him by hisfavorite NBA team.

Atlanta Hawks

He’s the good guywho’s a victim of society, always wondering why he, despite deserving more, constantly gets less. Is there a reward for being controversial and cynical? He’s thinking about it.

You’re hoping hestays the way he is though. People who know a good thing when they see it knowbetter than to leave good guys unappreciated.

Boston Celtics

Hehas a lot to his name and doesn’t have a shady history, unlike some of the other good ones out here.

Even when he’s not so great and going through times when he’s not doing anything spectacular in his life, you know you’vestill got a catch just off the strength of his rsum.

Brooklyn Nets

This guyis constantly underrated and it’s actually baffling how some people would preferothers over him. He’s a solid choice, but you get the feeling that maybe he doesn’t get as much credit as he deserves because he lacks excitement.

Charlotte Hornets

You’ve seen his type before, but not in a while. He’s old-fashioned, a true throwback. At one point you thought thattype didn’t exist anymore, until now.

Chicago Bulls

He’s tough and plays no games. Where he’s from and how he’s been brought up has given him standards. He’s not at all entertained byyour half-hearted efforts.

Cleveland Cavaliers

His emotions are volatile and they can be unloaded on you in a strongly negative or positive way. The source of that may as well be past hurt. Deep down, he’s just hoping for someone to show him things can be different.

Dallas Mavericks

He’s smart and definitely shouldn’t be underestimated, especially since he has a history of overachieving. He has a track record of being able to bestothers in life, even when they havemore to work with than he does.

Detroit Pistons

He definitely has an edge to him, and is probably tougher than you, to be honest. There’s a strong possibility he’s more worried about you catching feelings than the other way around.

Denver Nuggets

There are some guys whomight be a complement to you; they’re another part of your life that you enjoy. This guy, though, directly contributes to your success. You being with him means a better you.

Golden State Warriors

His looksare something else and he matches themwith great times. You’ve had good ones in the past, but being with him has been the most fun you’ve had in a while.

Houston Rockets

If you really want a good analogy for this guy, he’s like the onein high school whowas a B when you first met him freshman year. There were always other prospects that werebetter,but you start to notice that the A’s tend to peak and drop.

By senior year, you’re looking back at him and you’re amazed by how he’s kept a good level that whole time.

Wouldn’t you love a guywho’s a consistent B with potential to be an A? Of course, you would.

Indiana Pacers

He’ll defend you relentlessly, but he’s a big believer in doing things together. You have to be willing to make time for him when he asks. He’s knowledgeable, too; he’s the type you can talk to about what’s going on in the world.

Los Angeles Clippers

He’s the top-notch bacheloron the market now, but he should’ve beenthat a long time ago, realistically.That girldidn’t deserve him and wasted much of his prime years in the process.

Los Angeles Lakers

You’d be able to appreciate him for how amazingly he is, more than you already do, if he weren’t so snobby about it. As a result, you quietly enjoy when he has humbling experiences.

Memphis Grizzlies

He knows how to grind for his own. He doesn’t have much time for the more glamorous things in life, probably because he’s working hard so that he can enjoy them freely one day.

That’s part of his not-a-poser persona. If you take joy in holding someone down, this might not be the one. He could probably hold you down if he wanted to, though.

Miami Heat

He definitely came into your life out of nowhere. Is he a shallow guy whoonly cares about looks and/or money? Depends. Maybe it’s just that youyourself have to be something special to get his attention. That’s the way things are for guys who have options and a lot of things going for them in life.

Either way, don’t expect him to stick around when you’re not poppin’ anymore.

Milwaukee Bucks

He is as low-key as they come, which is rare in a world where showing off is a fad. He’s the type to stick with what he likes no matter what. He obviously has no care for what other people think is good or bad for him.

Minnesota Timberwolves

He’s let good guys walk out of his life, on multiple occasions. He had his fair chance at love and blew it. He knows that though and is remorseful about it. He’s determined to make his next opportunitywork.

New Orleans Pelicans

The way he speaks to you is unique and you love how he can hold a conversation. He can just as easily talk your ear off, too. Good thingyou’ll love his cooking.

New York Knicks

Most things about him are maddeningly difficult to figure out. One thing is usually certain, though. No matter how great or terrible you are, he’ll find a way to hype you up and make you feel important.

Oklahoma City Thunder

He’s different, something new, and that’s part of what makes him an attractive proposition. He challenges the way you see things. That, in itself, makes him a catch.

Orlando Magic

He has dreams of what some might think is a fantasy. He has it all planned out in his head, the perfect relationship, and he thinks about it a lot. It’s a goal in his life.

And the funny thing is he’s not too much into dating right now. What he’s doing now is bettering herself for that time when it comes.

Philadelphia 76ers

You know he’s good, you’ve seen him at his best – more than enough times. At this point though, he really doesn’t even care about trying and it’s puzzling where that apathy came from. Being with him isn’t the same as it was years ago.

Phoenix Suns

He’s young, exciting and energetic. Some people think life is about success, fair enough. But with him, there’s no success without fun. He’s set on enjoying life no matter what the circumstance.

Portland Trailblazers

Can anything get as simple and good as this guy? He’s nice and supportive, exactly what you’d look for if you want someone to be there for you. There’s no catch, either, and that’s the way things should be.

Sacramento Kings

All he really wanted was someone who gave a damn and cared enough to do things that sent that message. He was ready to forget about the whole idea of a relationship before you came along. Isn’t that nice?

San Antonio Spurs

He’s not one to tolerate the excuse type. He knows what it’s like to have something real and authentic because that’s what he is himself, so much so that it’s an insult when he gets compared to others who are not.

Toronto Raptors

Forget what your girlssay, he wants you to be up front and direct with him about how you feel. No need to play games, just go ahead and tell him (he’ll probably go crazy if you sing to him, too).

Utah Jazz

This is the type of guyyou’d fall in love withwhile your friends seemconfused as to why. There has to be something he brings to the table, but no one else knows. Perhaps that’s the point though. Just between you two, I guess.

Washington Wizards

Despite dysfunctional relationships and suffering the letdown of getting with people whoshould have worked out but didn’t, he’s excited about something new and is totally optimistic to see how things can turn out. He has a lot of hopethat what’s next for him will be top notch.

Photo Courtesy: We Heart It

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