Tiny Indiana town’s basketball team just wants to win one game

The high school basketball team in Medora, Indiana loses a lot. Almost all the time, in fact. It’s no wonder, though, since it’s a school with fewer than 20 people in each grade in a town with a total population that doesn’t even reach 600.

In 2009, inspired by the team’s tenacity despite terrible odds, a journalist at the New York Times wrote an article about them. This motivated filmakers Andrew Cohn and Davy Rothbart to travel to Indiana (at their own expense) and start documenting Medora’s 2010-11 season.


Why will this movie be interesting, let alone exciting? Rothbart says…

The Medora Hornets were riding a 44-game losing streak when we arrived. As the third-smallest high school in Indiana, winning has become almost impossible.

You know how most sports documentaries are about a team trying to win the championship? Here in our film the team is just trying to win a single game, which means that every game takes on the drama and intensity of a championship game…

And to add depth and meaning to the team’s quest for a win, the movie tells the stories of the troubled yet inspiring kids on the team.

Check out the trailer/fundraising video that they’re using to raise the money they need to finish the film

Read more: http://twentytwowords.com/tiny-indiana-towns-basketball-team-just-wants-to-win-one-game/

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